The Maldives HR Awards have been instituted as an exemplary platform to recognize organizations that put people first, deliver future focused excellence in the field of People Management and understand the importance of human capital as a key contributor to business outcomes.

The Maldives HR Awards Intent

  • HR Maldives followed its core ideology of supporting the professional and advancing the profession. It recognizes the pioneering and innovative people management practices that impact not just organizations but also business, society and the profession.
  • These awards are founded on the philosophy to recognize organizations, which have excelled in bringing NEXT into their people practices and empowered HR to become a Strategic Business Partner. These Awards will also celebrate and acknowledge organizations that work passionately towards raising the bar for the profession through constant innovation.

The entry deadline is 10th August 2019.


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Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is the collective mixture of differences and similarities that includes for example, individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviors.

This Award therefore recognizes companies that have adopted and implemented policies and practices to build in and promote diversity and inclusion. It seeks to reward the thought process that the "culture of inclusion" has become a business imperative.

Excellence in Social Media - People Practices

The use of Social Media for People Practices by an organization refers to the effective use of social media channels, tools and applications for driving key people processes for high impact.

The Award seeks to recognize companies that have a well rounded approach towards integrating social media across talent sourcing, employee engagement, learning, employer branding and so on.

Excellence in Developing Leaders of Tomorrow

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow requires a different kind of approach as compared to the leadership development frameworks that organizations typically have. The need of the market is to have a holistic LEADER development approach, which focuses on elements such as sustainability, a global mindset, value system based on ethics, accountability.

This Award therefore seeks to recognize organizations which have been implementing best/next practices/programs in this area to develop their potential leaders (2 to 3 years) or emerging leaders.

Excellence in Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is a critical component of any organizations HR strategy. These practices determine the manpower that enters and eventually runs the organization machinery and have an important impact on the employer brand and perceived employee value proposition

This Award, therefore, recognizes organizations that have instituted excellent practices in the field of talent sourcing and staffing and have elevated the talent acquisition lifecycle (sourcing, hiring, and onboarding) to a highly productive level.

Excellence in Learning & Development

A learning organization is one which promotes and enhances continuous learning of its employees to remain competitive. Learning and knowledge acquisition encourage critical thinking and experimentation resulting in improved employee contributions over time.

This Award therefore seeks to recognize organizations with demonstrated success in learning initiatives that include training, development and knowledge management. Learning includes acquisition of knowledge, skills, behaviors or competencies which are critical for organizational success.

Employer with Best Health and Wellness Initiatives

This award seeks to recognize organizations that understand the linkage of employee health to business productivity. These have proactively identified or designed specific health and wellness programs which can support the needs of their employee segments.

Within the gamut of this award, will also be healthcare support provided to disabled employees or those who have been injured while at work, assistance provided to those who have a dependency on tobacco and suffering from obesity. In inclusive and forward-thinking organization, this could also involve counselling related to raising awareness.

Employment Agency of the Year

This Award acknowledges the contributions of a company with a proven track record of providing HR Professionals with the superior service and assistance needed to perform their recruitment process.

Next Generation Employment initiative of the Year

This Award recognizes the HR Team that has implemented an innovative initiative in the last 12 months that increases employment opportunities for young people / graduates.

HR Team of the Year

HR Team is a critical component of any organization that performs human resource management, oversee various aspects of employment, employment standards, administration of employee benefits and recruitment.

This award therefore seeks to recognize the HR team who have excelled within their function and across the organisation by partnering with the wider business to achieve bottom line performance


HR / L&D Champion

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, General Manager who has overall control of the business and to which the HR Director or Head of HR directly reports. This award recognizes the driven successful HR strategies from the top by putting people first and championing innovative HR values.

HR / L&D Director of the Year

Director, Cluster Director, Group Director and Regional Director the most senior HR professional within the organisation above Directors level operating at Board level. They will be responsible for design and execution of an integrated HR strategy or plan.

HR / L&D Manager of the Year

HR Managers in this category run or assist in running the people management functions that support the business. The nominees must demonstrate leadership and direction to enable them to deliver a comprehensive HR service, be that through the HR Team or the Company as a whole. The role may be concerned with the provision of advice, guidance and support to managers in employee relations, discipline, grievance and absence management. Roles at this level may typically be entitled Head of HR or Head of Human Capital or similar.

HR / L&D Practitioner of the Year

HR practitioners whose role generally involves providing administrative support within the HR function. They may work in a general administration support function within HR or within a specific HR discipline such as recruitment, learning and development or reward. Nominees at this level may also include HR practitioners who provide advice and guidance to staff and managers within the organisation.

HR / L&D Rising star of the Year

The Rising Star award aims to recognise up-and-coming HR practitioners that are set for a bright future. This award is open to HR professionals with less than three years' experience in the profession to find the next generation of talent in the HR community. Candidates must have worked for a minimum of two years in HR (but not necessarily in current role) and present evidence of their contribution to the business. Statements from their HR Director or other senior managers can be submitted to support the entry.

Woman of Distinction

Award for women in the HR profession whose astounding personal and professional achievements have earned them a place among the industry’s best.

The judges will review achievements including: Professional accomplishments in the last five years, innovative ideas and Leadership.

Why your organization should enter the Competition?

As an Award Winner, your organization will be recognized and feted as a Leader in NEXT People Practices. In addition, these Awards will establish:

❖ Your position as a trailblazer : The Maldives HR Awards recognize your organization’s practices as a benchmark of the highest quality within the HR community.
❖ A framework to measure your organization’s performance : The Maldives HR Awards identify & recognize existing & emerging areas in HR, which will have significant & widesperad implications for the profession in coming years. The Awards platform & framework allows you to present the evidence of what organisations & teams do in measurable manner.
❖ An opportunity to advance the profession : These unique Awards will acknowledge how organizations and their teams have contributed to the advancement of the HR profession through innovative thought processes, impactful implementation and commitment.
❖ An opportunity to inspire other organizations and professionals : Showcasing your work on the Maldives HR Awards platform will raise the bar for the profession by demonstrating how the best organizations deliver excellence. Your work will inspire other organizations to aim for the next level and set higher quality standards for the entire profession.

Eligibility Criteria for participation in the Awards

❖ Participation is open to organizations operating in any of the industry segments in Maldives.
❖ The Initiatives / Projects shared in the Application form should be completely executed or should be an ongoing initiative/project. No initiatives in the planning/ conceptualizing stage may be mentioned.
❖ The Initiatives / Projects shared in the Application form should have been implemented/ initiated before 31st December 2017.
❖ The Awards Management has the right to ask for documentary proof of information provided/ audit the information shared
❖ The Awards Management holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.
❖ If at any time, any information provided by the nominating organization is found to be incorrect in any manner, the nominating organization will be disqualified from the Awards.


All Applications will be put through a three - level evaluation process:

1. Level 1 - Preliminary Screening of all Submissions: Initial screening of all nomination forms.

2. Level 2 – Primary Jury Evaluation: Nomination forms will be reviewed on various parameters, by an esteemed jury panel. The jury will arrive at a list of shortlisted finalists which will proceed to the Final Jury Evaluation.

3. Level 3- Final Jury Evaluation: The finalists that emerge through the Level 2 evaluation from the Primary Jury would be required to make a presentation to the Final Jury Panel on either of the above-mentioned dates. A senior representative from the shortlisted organization would need to be there in person to make the final presentation and respond to any questions the jury may have. All applicants will be informed via email if they have been shortlisted or not. Respective organization representatives would accordingly need to make themselves available. The winners of the Maldives HR Awards will be announced and awarded at the, Awards Night on 13th October 2019.


Innovation in the Initiative

This parameter evaluates the originality in the said HR initiative/process. An innovative practice or system is one, which is highly unusual, creative and unique to the company’s culture and overall strategy.

This encompasses innovation in the design, delivery mechanisms, implementation and tracking of the system/process. It also includes original communication campaigns and design of metrics around it.

Impact on Stakeholders

This parameter evaluates the business and strategic impact of the said HR initiative. An impact system/ process is one, which involves a variety of stakeholders in its design and implementation and is of immense satisfaction, usage and value to the target audience.

Recognition of the system/process in external and internal forums and tracking of metrics showcasing its success are also encompassed in this parameter.

Sustainability and Scalability

This parameter talks of the routine and consistency in the said HR initiative. A sustainable and scalable system/process is one, which has detailed norms and guidelines, attached to it and improves itself basis feedback and audits.

Financial, people, organization culture or infrastructure related investments and changes as well as communication and branding of the system/process contribute in making it sustainable and scalable.


The judges’ decisions are final.

The entrant agrees that HR Maldives will not accept responsibility - errors or omissions reproduced in the presentation of the Awards, or in HR Maldives magazine, or in work lost or damaged under any circumstances.

The entrant agrees that the Awards team have the right to merge categories or dissolve any categories should it be deemed necessary. Any specific information or content intended - judging purposes only must be clearly indicated in red text. Any text highlighted in red will not be used - any additional articles, and will not be disseminated beyond the judging panel in any way.

The entrant grants HR Maldives permission to show material from the entries (that has not been highlighted as confidential), at the awards presentation, in the magazine and at any time as deemed appropriate.


The gala dinner and awards ceremony - the Maldives HR Awards will take place on 13th October 2019, at Hotel Jen, Male', Maldives .

Date: 13th October 2019
Dress code: Black tie
Venue: Hotel Jen, Male', Maldives



Step 1: Register for Maldives HR Awards 2019 by filling the Registration form.

Step 2: The Application forms for the specific Award categories, you wish to apply will be emailed. Fill out the details required and send it to us at You can also attach supporting documents of maximum 30 pages/slides for an Award category. These collaterals will be accepted only in the form of PPT, PDF or WORD documents. No excel formats, video/ audio submissions, links hyperlinked in text will be accepted.

Step 3: All applications must be sent through an official email address and one single point of contact should send across all forms as well as queries. The completed Application forms (soft copy) should reach the Mailbox - not later than 5:00 pm on 10th August 2019.

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